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Hook, Story, Offer –Marketing Method–

Whether you’re calling a potential client or email outreach, you want to get their attention quickly. That’s why it’s critical to nail your sales Hook, Story, and Offer!

Marketers widely use a hook, story, offer these days.

Dedicating special attention to the art of hook-making will help you improve sales and convert leads into buyers more quickly. But, before we get into the specifics of writing memorable, appealing, and intriguing sales hooks, let’s go over the basics.

Hook, story, offer


Hooks are short, intense solid, often threatening remarks that we use at the start of our campaign. However, to fully engage our audience, we must identify with them uniquely and passionately. It must connect with them; otherwise, it will fail to grab them.

This marketing method attracts people and grabs their attention, in addition to educating them about your products and services and convincing them to purchase indirectly.

Good marketing doesn’t show its marketing! A hook story offer is a great example. Maybe it’s something psychological because no one likes to be forced to hear about a specific product or service. They want to be grabbed to something they are interested in and listen to stories similar to the one they have.

To let you integrate with me, I will provide some examples on Hooks so you will get the idea well!

Examples on hooks:

  1. People who want to sell products or services but are struggling. 

Hook: Do you have great products, but you don’t know how to market to the right people?

In this hook, you have addressed the pain point they are struggling from; you grabbed their attention and tried to tell them that you can help solve this issue.

  • People who want to study abroad can create a great future.

 Hook: It’s so important to make a footprint in society; we are; we to brighten your future!

These are two examples of creating grab our potential clients and converting them into actual buyers for our products or services.


Stories can come in one of two structures

It’s the second step of this indirect marketing method, and it’s not least important than the hook! It is the step you tell your target audience your story, the story that is similar to their one!

In this step, I advise you to touch their pain points, and you’ve already known about them by your study, surveys, or previous experience.

Try to be close to your target audience, so they feel that you encountered the same problems they do. Furthermore, trust will be created; however, be careful! Please wait until you provide them with an offer and check the results!

Stories can be:

1. Came from the perspective of the entrepreneur and organizer, who had a similar problem to the one that the audience now has; nevertheless, this is refuted because they had a revelation.

2. It could be about others who encountered the same problem as the audience, but you could help because of a previous revelation.

Example about a story that we can tell for people who need to sell their items but are struggling:

I began a business seven years ago with my partner in a tiny office and one employee. We weren’t the only fish in the sea, but we did it!

We invested most of our startup capital in a launch campaign we had high expectations for. And sold about 15% of what we had initially assessed.

Desperate, I stayed up one evening checking our marketing projections to check whether we could make something happen; I’ve read a book that has changed my life, this book showed me a simple selling system, and I was able to transform that into a whole new marketing and sales technique.

In about two weeks, we’d sold five times the amount of our item from our original launch, and things truly needed upward. In moments by any stretch of the imagination, we were battling to stay aware of the interest and required to overgrow to adapt!


After the story, we’ll offer our potential clients some deal. Something that solves the issue they are struggling from. They will be convinced because you told them a story similar to their one. Therefore, they will see you as their solution because you encountered the same problem and learned how to act and solve a specific issue.

People seek easy ways to solve their problems; they’d like to save time and benefit from others’ experiences.

Examples of offers can include:

  • A sale
  • Signup to your emails/newsletter
  • Registration to a free event/Webinar

An Offer Example:

Visit our office to get a “free” consultation that would change your business pathway and increase your sales and revenue! I’ll spend time personally with you to answer all your questions and help you make the right decision.

Therefore, you had addressed your target audience’s pain point in this way. Second, you told your story that is similar to their issue. Third, you provide them with an offer as a solution.

hook, story, offer

People need to feel something toward your brand and add value that differentiates your brand from your competitors.  When you have the potential to solve anyone’s problems, you must do so!

Are you struggling to buy your products or services? We can assist you and therefore increase your sales and revenue! Check out our services and get your quotation via the website or contact us at +971 52 705 5660

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