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Expo Dubai 2020 Success Due to Social Media

Dubai’s success in winning the right to host the Dubai Expo 2020 is likely to result in enhanced foreign investment into the UAE across industry sectors as international corporations seek to maximize on the opportunity.

What is the World “Expo”?

Expo is organized every five years by the nation that wins the right to host the event. The purpose of the world expo is to provide a platform for the global community; to share innovations and engage in debate about key issues facing the world.

Expo Dubai 2020 is the first world expo to be held in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia region, and its running for a six-month period between October 2020 and April 2021.

The Dubai government has estimated that Dubai Expo 2020 will create more than 277,000 new job opportunities in the UAE, across various sectors, including business services, retail, construction, hotels, hospitality, and transportation.

Expo dubai 2020

Meanwhile, every business who prepared having a stand in Expo Dubai, must realize the impact of social media by grabbing new customers, and benefit from this lifetime opportunity that may change the path of every ones business regardless of the business field.

When it comes to market your business, you want to drive the right people (your target audience) with the right energy to you. There are various ways to mix match content on social media to drive real opportunities to your business, you must benefit from them all.

Best Content Marketing will help you boost your business in Expo Dubai 2020

We should never ignore the impact of media in changing everyone’s business pathways, and we all know that media is power, but did you think someday why?

I’ll tell you the answer.

Media is the main channel between businesses and their target audience. And you must appreciate the impact of every message conveyed by media, because it might be enough for changing everything and creating the new market demand.

I’ll give you today some tips to boost your business at the worldwide event “Expo Dubai 2020”:

1- Blog articles:


It’s very effective content marketing strategy. Blog contents are an excellent way to start social media marketing for your business at the Dubai 2020 Expo. Writing articles on different subjects connecting to your business can build a roadmap on your brand’s internet. This internet roadmap will draw the right traffic to your brand. Remember, the key is to focus on high-quality content, SEO, strategic keywords, and phrases. These contents should not be on your website and other blogs as well.

2- Create Short Videos:

You can promote your business through teasing your target audience about everything happening in that even –Expo Dubai- but you should be creative in order to grab new customers and to change the expected customers into real customers, then into loyal.

3- Live videos:

Live streaming is becoming more and more popular in the professional world as it helps businesses and organizations to connect with their audience on a deeper level; despite the barrier of physical location. Live streaming an event allows you to reach and interact with more people across the world.

In this way, you can grab your target audience wherever they are around the world, which will help you boost your business for “Free”.

4- Choose the Best platforms:

Social media platforms

You might be visible at several social media platforms, but not the best platform. What does this mean?

This means that when you specify your target audience, you should follow their demand, and be visible on the platforms where they are found. In this way you choose the winning social media platform and concentrate on your followers there.

And as a brand, identify this winning social media platform and promote your Dubai expo stand. The strong community you have built on that winning platform will share your message. Some may likely want to attend the expo to be at your stand.

5- Create your Hashtag:

super hashtags

Creating a hashtag is an excellent way to promote your business stand at Expo Dubai 2020. It shows people you are attending the expo, and also creates a digital footprint around social media.  It is best to create a hashtag early enough to incorporate them into your content.

6- Run a campaign:

Social media campaign

It is social media, so run a campaign for your products. Pay for Ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and everywhere else you have your audience. There can never be too much campaign, nor too many sales.

There are many ways to create a social media marketing plan for your Dubai 2021 Expo stand. The options are limitless. For digital marketing services, get in touch with Al Ahmar Advertising.


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