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Emotional Advertising- Coca-Cola Attract New Customers

The biggest brands worldwide insist on sowing emotions in their ads, like the Coca-Cola advertising campaign in Dubai. Although people know them well, they buy their products without any advertising efforts. But the question here is, why do they still pay Millions of Dollars on advertising campaigns when they sell their products worldwide?

If you have a message to convey to your target audience, you should contact them in the way they deserve to. People are not robots; they feel happy and sad, are emotional, and think!

Brands never pay Million Dollars for just showing their products and convincing customers to buy them. People must feel something toward the brand, differentiating a brand from another. People buy emotions, not products, and every marketer and campaign manager knows this well.

But can I let my content succeed in this mission?

In this blog article, I will answer these questions, and you decide what to focus on your next advertising campaign.

Coca-Cola Focused on Showing Emotions in its Latest Advertising Campaign

In its latest advertising campaign in Dubai, U.A.E, Coca-Cola showed emotions in its new philosophy. The dazzling performance on Khalifa Tower demonstrated its ‘Real Magic’ concept and a new perspective on its iconic logo, the “Hug.”

A few hours, this news went viral; what happened on Khalifa Tower?

In its intelligent advertising strategy, Coca-Cola focused on showing emotions in its message, as it should be! Customers pass by hundreds of ads every day, including TV commercials and print ads such as billboards and digital ads… So what will differentiate your ads from another?

If you’d like to know what happened on Khalifa Tower last week, check this YouTube video.

Content Success Factors:


Your content must be simple and easy to understand by everyone who sees it. Imagine advertising and including distracting words and phrases in your content. Do you think customers will try to decode your message? The answer is NO!


Unexpected content has more influence on your target audience. To create an unexpected situation, you have to make a pattern and break it. You must create something they never expect, a story that grabs their attention and surprises them by its end, precisely what Coca-Cola did in Dubai! When I watched their advertisement for the first time, I never expected this result at the end.


A message that contains facts is more likely to succeed. While people were watching Coca-Cola’s dazzling show, they asked “Kamilla” to look behind her, and surprisingly it was a marriage proposal!

The display was designed to demonstrate Coca-Cola’s promise to bring people together and uplift them as part of its new branding strategy, which was developed in response to critical lessons learned over the past 18 months due to the Corona pandemic.

And as showing a real case and mentioning “Kamilla’s” name, let their message be more concrete and credible.


Coca-Cola, first in its visual, told us that the magic exists, but how come? They don’t mean the real magic and myths, but they said everyone’s around the story emotionally.

Numbers mainly affect the credibility of the message. Many people cannot absorb the large numbers and can accept the gestures presented to them. But their acceptance of this is quick to forget if it is accompanied by facts, relationships, or similarities that the recipient can remember and interact with. In its dazzling show on Khalifa Tower, Coca-Cola asked people to look around them, and they provided them with my numbers and gave them feelings. There were 1,237 Smiles, and it’s true, all people there were smiling. There were 238 hugs, 2,537 people were on holiday. 74 people celebrated their birthdays, and 1 marriage proposal, she said yes!  75 nationalities were around; all of this was in one place. This is the magic happening!

The message has to be moving to arouse the people’s feelings it reaches. How do you get the audience to empathize with your message?

-Infectious emotions: Coca-Cola spread happiness in its show through 1,237 smiles. This emotional situation infected all the people around.
Empathy is born when the action or behavior breaks or significantly enhances a value or life system, and this is what Coca-Cola did precisely. Their campaign focused on peoples’ unity in its new branding philosophy.
-Empathy is generated when the person himself (the recipient) has included in the message addressed to them. And in this campaign, all people around were addressed, and everyone felt that they belonged to this brand by the emotions it conveys.

Advertising Coca-Cola campaign worked on these 6 success factors in its intelligent campaign strategy, building a relationship between the brand and consumers.

People nowadays need to feel something toward the brand; they buy emotions before the products. People are made up of emotions and human values, it which talking with them in the same language they understand is a must.

I was obsessed with their visuals and new campaign philosophy, I’m a Coca-Cola fan today, and I think you are too!

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