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5 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Post Engagement!

Facebook is a powerful platform for connecting, advertising, and boosting your business online.

Huge companies rely on Facebook to manage their brands and connect with their target audience. They develop good relationships with them as well.

Facebook is a star, especially after Mark Zuckerburg latest announcement regarding Metaverse. It was a smart move to revive this app after lot of people thought its dead.

But why we work on an awesome content and design, then we get only three four likes? Ohh… How come?

Facebook like

This is a real trouble that content creators encounter; they spend lot of time creating and designing content then with no satisfying results.

So how we can boost our Facebook posts without using our credit cards?

In this article I will help and give you some tips to boost your Facebook posts engagement organically.

5 tips to boost your Facebook page engagement:
I’m not claiming that they will work directly, but it need time and continuity.

  1. Provide Value:

Your Facebook audience is not looking for sales pitch, and your Facebook page is not about digital catalogue. People need to feel something toward your business!

They want to engage with content that will make them smile, provides them value, and improve their lives in some way.

Emotional content are more likely to get more engagement and interaction.

2. Post consistently and at the right times

Facebook news feed is based on an algorithm, and your followers are not necessary to view your content directly when it’s posted. And Facebook itself  says that you’re more likely to see engagement if you post when your fans are online.

How can you know the best time posting?

Very simple way! Just go to your page insights:

  • From your Facebook Page, click Insights at the top of the screen
  • In the left column, click Posts
  • Click When Your fans Are Online

Best posting times

  • Check the best times your fans are active. For example, this photo shows that the best time to post is 9 PM. In this case, post your content on 8:45 PM for better results. But you must be aware from something! Your fans can have different time zone from you, and posting in the mentioned time must harm your engagement. To avoid this, scroll down and check your followers countries and cities in which they live, and post your content based on the result.
  • Post consistently at the best time, so your audience will always remember you and always expect seeing your content. Instagram recommends posting 3 times per week.

3. Test and measure everything

Statistics say that videos get more engagement, but that might not be applicable in specific brands.

Testing and measuring results is a very important part to refine your marketing strategy. Editing your strategy and even changing it if there is any glitch is better than how you do it right now.

Analytics are very important in the testing process and a part from your social media strategy. It let you know what is working well and not on your target audience. And you can use Facebook Business Suite, Creator Studio, Facebook Insights, and Hootsuite as credible analytic tools.

4. Add a call to action (CTA) to your posts

A call-to-action button motivates your fans to take a specific action towards your brand. For example, if you are an e-commerce shop, “shop now” or “buy now” would be a good CTA.

Another examples for CTAs:

-Book your appointment now

-Contact us now

-Watch this video

-Visit our website

-Download our app


5. Drive traffic from other sources

People that are already interacting with you on other social media platforms can be a great source of engagement. Invite them to follow you on Facebook! Add links and specific CTAs on your posts to motivate them follow and interact with you on Facebook.

Don’t forget that websites also are good option to boost your social media pages, as well as social media platforms are good to drive website traffic.

And never miss the offline materials! Include your Facebook user name on your business cards, posters, brochures, flyers, and your branded stationary.

If you want to boost your Facebook and other social media platforms engagement, we are here to assist you! Ask for your quotation or contact us on +971 52 705 5660

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