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6 tips to Improve Your Leads Shortage

Leads shortage is a real issue for some businesses that pay a big budget on digital marketing. If you are a startup business, this article will help you avoid leads shortage and save your marketing budget.

Lead generation is considered from the most expensive ad goals, because it leads you directly to your main target audience.

Lead generation

What makes leads shortage in your ads campaigns?

  1. You don’t understand your audience well.

Understanding your audience is the first step and fundamental of your ads success. When you know well your audience, your marketing budget will be spent only on them. Meanwhile, if you widen your targeting, you will never reach your audience and shortage of leads will happen.

Many teams just have a general idea of the people in their target market – or know the basic data, like age range, and overall location.

But do you really understand the intent behind their actions?

Why do they need your product and what will make them want to buy from your brand specifically? And what is the added value you will provide when they buy your products or use your services?

How to solve leads shortage

1-Analyze your target audience PERSONA (the 4 Ws )

Your target audience persona is more important than demographics; paying attention to marketing analytics helps you to have a better description and narrative of your firm’s persona.

Using analytics to narrow down the Ws in their persona gives your marketing team information such as the decision journey stage of your persona.

  • Who are they?
  • What are they doing?
  • Where are they showing up?
  • Where are they in the buying journey? (Awareness, Consideration and Decision)

Knowing these details will help you in the lead generation strategy.

Where are they in the buying journey? Are they still in the awareness stage? Consideration? Or the last step, decision?

Knowing these details will help you in the lead generation strategy.

2- Diversify your marketing techniques

Put your marketing budget in its correct place; use free YouTube clips and webinars; offer advices and tips for your target audience to increase their interest about your brand.

3-Optimize your website

Networking is important, considering we are looking to increase your leads. By optimizing your website for search engines and using calls-to-action (CTAs) to encourage visitor interaction, you increase your online network more easily and cheaper than you think. And never forget to make a budget for Google ads with a good SEO content, Meta description, keywords, relevancy, and CTAs.

4-Stay connected with your social network

Create content calendars for every social media platforms, because social media engagement leads to more website visits and more leads.

The more you reach out to the public, the sooner your leads will increase. By using analytics with inbound marketing, you will know how your persona stays connected with you and seeks out information.

5-Work more on the Inbound MARKETING

Focus on blogging, it’s an indirect marketing strategy that attracts people attention the most. And the aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself. This might happen easily through blogging.

Check your blogs for white space and CTA’s to ensure maximum effectiveness on your target audience.

Drive leads

How to improve this issue?

  1. Copywriting for product listings

You must include a brief description with some of your main keywords, to make it easier for users to find your products in search engines. This increases the amount of content Google indexes from your website.

2. Quality images

We should make sure that the images are in high quality, to grab your client’s eye attention. And it is very necessary to tag your photos with the alt attribute. Including keywords in your images will favor your natural positioning.

3. Optimize the CTA

The Call to Action (CTA) refers to the button that provokes the user to take action. For example, “Buy now” or “Read more”.

And these are some factors that may affect your CTA:

-Design of the button (must not be annoying or not attracting viewer’s attention)

-Content of the button (make a good CTA that converts)

-Position and size of the button on the page (make sure to put in a position that people look at first)

-Number of buttons (avoid putting too many buttons)

4. Grow your email list

Collect your customer’s emails and use them later to notify users when a product is back in stock. When they reach a product listing and see it’s out of stock, let them leave their email to be notified when it’s back in stock. Offering this option will not only help gain a new loyal customer but also boost your mailing list.

5. Take advantage of cross-selling up-selling

Boost the value of each shopping cart by recommending related products that complement the user’s current purchase selection. You can also show them products that they might like.

Include comments and recommendations from other users so that the user can make an educated decision; and they will be convinced to purchase because they heard the feedback from users not from the producer.

And products with ratings, particularly good ratings, generate more sales than those which have no ratings.

6. Take care of your SEO

You must include keywords that are most used by your target audience. You can know these keywords through several marketing tools such as SEMrush and MOZ. Use synonyms and related terms and include them in the text, titles, URL and Meta description.

Use URLs that are Google friendly and compatible with your target users’ interests.


Don’t forget that Al Ahmar Advertising have SEO experts that know well how to boost your business, and solve any shortage in your marketing campaigns.

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