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Social Media Marketing in 2022

Social Media Best Practices

The year 2021 brought lot of changes in our working life due to covid-19 pandemic. Zoom has become our primary meeting space, and the most significant change, though, was how social media became the go-to platform for learning, finding new job opportunities, and boosting our businesses. It only goes to illustrate how important social media marketing is.

Many marketing experts were compelled to reconsider their social media marketing strategy as a result of this.

Looking to boost your business on social media in 2022? This is good!

Never think it’s too early or too late to start working on a social media strategy. It’s a long-term, you can’t find the best results in one day or several ones.

In this article we’ll be discussing the best practices of social media marketing in 2022. But first I will talk briefly about the importance of having social media strategy.

Importance of Having Social Media Strategy in 2022

1- Build Brand Awareness:

By creating a brand awareness on social media platforms, company will have a voice, and their employees as well. B2B leaders can tell their story, connect with potential clients, and they can expand their network, and in turn, every connection has hundreds of connections.

2- Generate Leads

By publishing videos, news, statistics, and following trends, this leads to a positive interaction inside your target industry. Not only do these methods help you develop trust with potential clients, but they may also help you get leads.

3- Nurture Leads

Sales professionals may use social selling to develop relationships with leads. You must know your target audience pain points and assist those solving challenges. As a result, your sales force might gain trust, thus achieving credibility and gaining loyal customers.

social media platforms

Social Media Best Practices in 2022

1- Set Realistic social media goals

Before you start in your social media marketing strategy, you must set your social goals. It’s the key of your strategy success and is the basic element that is needed to build it.

Social media provides you a big chance investing in your business, and thankfully provides high ROI (return on investment) as well.

Setting clear goals and visions, will reduce wasting your business budget. And focusing your efforts on a specific goal will help you boost your business in a short time.

2- Grow Your Brand Audience

Growing your audience will increase the word of mouth marketing and drive more followers. This means it’s a way to introduce your brand for a wider audience for who haven’t heard of you before.

This will definitely help you discover conversations around your business and industry that matter the most. For doing so, you must search and go through keywords and hashtags that are used in your target audience industry. These practices will surely help you expand your audience faster.

3- Specify Your Target Market

Target audience is the main goal in this journey. First, you must specify well your target audience and know well your market demand: what works with them and what doesn’t? What is their age range? Demographics and psycho-graphics? On what social media platforms are found? And so many questions you must find its answers before setting your social media strategy in 2022.

For example, in your target audience is from millennials or generation Z, then you can reach them out mainly on Instagram and YouTube.

4- Set your KPIs (Key performance indicators)

One of the social media marketing advantages is that it provides for you measurable results, so you can measure your KPIs according to the goals you already set previously.

As a result, you can measure your success in several ways such as:

  • Reach: The post reach is the number of users who saw your post. And this will help you know how much of your content actually reaches users’ feeds.

  • Number of Clicks: Tracking the clicks in every campaign you launch is very essential to know understand your market demand and know more what drives their curiosity to click on that content and drive them to purchase.

  • Engagement: Is the total number of social interactions divided by the number of impressions. This measures your target audience willingness in to interact with your content.

  • Hashtag performance: Hashtags are a way to boost your post reach organically and drive engagement. Leading purchase as a result. Hashtags should include your niche and should be related to your post and target audience as well. The best way to know the best hashtags is testing, and searching about the most hashtags used in order to help you reach your audience. You can measure this also by posts insights, and check the results that come through your selected hashtags.

  • Organic and paid likes: Organic likes are hard to be gain if you don’t have clear social media strategy goals and a well set content marketing. Some businesses turn into paid ads to gain interactions due to the shortage of their organic likes. But knowing the key of content marketing strategy and following the market demand will help you save many of your marketing budget and invest in something else.

An effective social media marketing strategy is based on numbers, and those numbers need to be put into a context that aligns with your original goals.


5- Drive Competitive Analysis

Before you create any content, take a look on what your competitors are doing. Don’t panic, it’s a very simple method, I’ll help you to do so. All you must do is to search on your niche keywords. For example, if you are a new born photographer at Dubai-UAE, all you have to do is to search on “New born photographers Dubai”, and you’ll get a big list of baby photographers in this geographic location.

Then start digging in each of your competitor’s profile, and compare their content by yours, check what’s driving engagement and what content is working. Don’t steal your competitors’ ideas just get inspired and try to do better.

6- Post at the best times

As I have mentioned before, you must follow your market demand to gain the best results. And in the insights section, you will see some recommended times for posting according to users most active times. Try to post 30 minutes before the most active time in order to drive better engagement.

Pro tip: try to ensure your social media or community managers to answer any product questions or comments when you post.

7- Assess what’s working, and what isn’t in order to keep improving

Check what’s working in your social media strategy and what isn’t. You can know this according your fundamental goals and KPIs.

Without analyzing results you will never improve your work! Look from the top, and dig inside, analyze results from all sides; and benefit from social media metrics in order to know the top performing content.

The top performing content is the content that drives leads, not only social media engagement.

I’m not claiming that social media engagement is not important, but the main goal of creating content is to market brand’s products and services.

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