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WhatsApp Business new features to help online shopping

WhatsApp Business is a platform developed and launched in January 2018 by WhatsApp to facilitate communication and interaction between businesses and customers. 

For businesses with different needs, it offers two different account options. The standard business account offers a straightforward way to respond to consumers while helping to separate personal and professional messages. Automated greeting and away messages are further options. If you want to use the app to manage both your personal and business WhatsApp accounts, you will need a different SIM card or phone number. 

In addition, consider the WhatsApp Business API account for larger businesses if your business is growing. Multiple users are permitted on this pay-to-use platform, giving sales and customer service teams chances to engage with customers.

WhatsApp provided businesses with excellent service by helping them reach out to potential customers and has increased their leads.

Recently, WhatsApp Business has updated its platform to make it simpler for business owners and results more organized.

WhatsApp new label

With the new update, you can now distinguish the messages from paid advertisements from those that came organically. You can know once “Message via Ad” label marks at the top of the message. In addition, this feature will add a new row to the label section, so everything becomes organized, and you can analyze your WhatsApp message ad performance.

WhatsApp catalog

You can now manage your catalog from the WhatsApp Business app via desktop rather than just via mobile devices. This feature will be of added value because most businesses use their desktops more than cell phones. This app makes it easier for business owners to manage, add, remove, and hide specific items and easily show them again when products are back in stock or available to customers from their WhatsApp catalog through simple steps via desktop.

WhatsApp Business will be paid, but here is a tip for saving money!

WhatsApp Business will be charging anywhere between 0.5 cents to 9 cents per message depending on the country, according to a Reuters report.

But paying for every message might be overwhelming. WhatsApp is presenting two ways to set up a business profile on WhatsApp. The first one is the WhatsApp Business, which you can have verified on WhatsApp to help people distinguish between the official account and the fake suppliers. The second is WhatsApp Business API, which helps both small companies and large corporations like banks and airlines. You can send WhatsApp messages not only to market new products to your customers or potential customers but also to inform them about the status of their orders. Taking feedback and responding to complaints also becomes easier.

You can use the money-saving method once you’ve registered with the API. You won’t be charged for using the API to respond to questions that your clients send you through WhatsApp within 24 hours. Only if you send a message more than 24 hours after the customer’s last communication WhatsApp will charge you. In this way, you can benefit from WhatsApp for business and save money at the same time. 

As the popularity and number of WhatsApp users is increasing, Meta will always update its platforms to make them more user-friendly and improve their experience. 

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