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April Fools 2022 Recap- Pranks from the Big Brands

It’s time for April Fools day festivities to recap in 2022. April Fools 2022 was an opportunity for brands to play practical pranks on their target audience by spreading jokes that boost their business. Every country, virtually without exception, celebrates April Fools Day, big brands as well.

In this blog, I’m going to recap some of the big brands’ April fools pranks.

1-Macdonald’s April 1st prank

We’ve made your life easier with this one… Introducing the Fries McFlurry, available for a limited-time someday, “Mcdonalds uae mentioned”.

Some followers believed this prank and went to the extreme: “
I was so excited to try this! I showed this pic to my nearest McDonald’s and they told me it’s not available 😡😡😡”.

It was something weird and smart at the same time from Macdonald’s marketing strategist, is that people liked this idea, and some mentioned in the comments that they already dip the fries in ice cream: “Dipping fries into sundae is really delicious 🤤 than ketchup and mayo”, “But trust me that taste amazing…as i love that combination…. Have tried it a couple of times😍”, I’d actually eat this 😂
Always dipping my fries into my ice cream 🍦”

At the same time, some people didn’t believe their prank “Look at the date”, “April fools”,
“April’s fool but I usually do it and it’s really tasty 😍😍😍” they said.

Actually, this prank brought a high engagement and world of mouth marketing, and at the same time Macdonald now knows well their target audience demand.

2- KFC Arabia April fools prank

Our secret recipe is no longer a secret 🤭 the world-famous secret recipe is finally out! 😉” they mentioned

They mentioned in their video that they use 11 kinds of herbs and spices including thyme and salt, black and white pepper, marmalade, basil, paprika, turmeric, mustard powder, celery salt, and oregano. But they revealed at the end of the video that this was a prank!

Followers were highly engaged and enjoyed the prank, and some mentioned that they will try this recipe even if it was a prank!

3- Deek Duke April Fools prank

Deek Duke has pranked their garlic-lovers followers in a garlic sandwich. And the funniest thing is that they engaged and commented on this saying they still need extra garlic “please I need extra toum”, “I want it to be real”. This is a good marketing strategy.

3 Benefits of April fools marketing

1) Develop the personality of your brand

Every brand has a carefully cultivated image that it shares with its customers. Many factors are considered when brands construct this image, including customer profiles, industry, product, and so on. However, in certain circumstances, their brand image excludes the “fun” element of the business or the individuals who work there. An April Fools prank can bring out your brand’s playful side and sense of humor.

2) Create a buzz

Take a look at any social media platform and you’ll notice that April Fools’ Day is a social media phenomenon, with the hashtag #AprilFools trending at the top. Participating in this event can help brands generate buzz and publicity, especially if they use the popular hashtag. While pulling off an April Fools prank requires some forethought, it can be especially effective for smaller businesses trying to increase brand awareness.

3) Grasp the Attention of Your Audience

Another advantage of staging an April Fools prank is that you’ll have a fun, innovative way to engage your audience. This has the potential to be really effective. Most famous brands have pranked their audience to grab their attention and engage with them. It is really a good chance to boost everyone’s business and engage with their target audience.

While you may have missed out on this year’s April Fools’ Day, you still have the rest of the year to design the most amusing, intelligent, and innovative campaign to reap these rewards.

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