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Enhance your Google ranking

Google rank

Users of Facebook and Twitter are all about sharing and retweeting interesting content.

When your blog articles, press releases, or any other content linked to your website are constantly re-shared/retweeted, it generates more traffic and enhance your Google ranking. It will enhance google ranking to your website as well, resulting in your brand being cited and searched on social media more frequently.

Importance of blogging

  1. Reach more traffic on website:

The main purpose of producing blogs is to bring as much traffic as possible to your website. When you write a blog post, you add another indexed page to your website. Which means you have another opportunity to appear in search engines and generate traffic to your website. Creating material on a regular basis notifies search engines like Google that your website is active and should be examined frequently to see what fresh information has appeared.

Don’t stop after you’ve created a blog on your website! Make sure to share your blog on social media to promote it. This broadens your social media reach, increases the visibility of your material, and directs new website visitors to your blog via your social network profiles. It also makes it easier for anyone who finds the information intriguing to share it on social media.

boost traffic

2. Convert visitors to leads:

When you attract new users to your website, you open up a new channel for generating leads. This is when your CTA buttons come in helpful. A call to action (CTA) is a method of directing your website visitors around your website; in order to keep them engaged and guide them through their path from awareness to purchase. “Find out more, download, discounts, free deals, and ways to join to your mailing list”, and so on are all good CTAs. You may also utilize the CTA button on a blog post to redirect the reader to another related blog subject on your website, or even to a page on your website that outlines your services.

grab leads

3. Blogs are long-term

Once a blog is indexed in search engines, it remains there indefinitely, which means your site may continue to gather visitors and produce leads for weeks, months, and even years. Don’t expect fast leads or hundreds of views. Instead, allow your blog time to create interest. Blog themes that are timeless will produce more views month after month. So, write about topics that you know will be of interest to your target audience.

4. Blogs give your company a voice

Blogging allows you to communicate information about your company and its services. As well as your comments and thoughts on many topics. Blogging is a great method to give your organization a personality and make it more approachable.

Al Ahmar Advertising work with clients on blog concepts to enhance your Google rankings and create content calendars for your website in order to keep your website active and to assist in driving traffic and generate valuable leads.

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